Multiple Additive Regression Trees

MART with  R

MART(tm) is an implementation of the gradient tree boosting methods for predictive data mining (regression and classification) described in Greedy Function Approximation: a Gradient Boosting Machine (PostScript), and Stochastic Gradient Boosting (PostScript).

An interface for using MART(tm) with the R statistical package is available from Salford Systems.  R is freely available from The R Project for Statistical Computing. This interface runs with R on PC compatible computers with a Microsoft operating system (Windows NT/2000/XP), or on Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Sun Microsystems (SUN) computers running UNIX.


A tutorial introduction Tutorial: Getting Started with MART in R (PostScript, pdf) illustrates the basic facilities of the R/MART interface and how to use them. It presumes minimal knowledge concerning the technical details of the MART methodology or the use of R. The following data files are used in the tutorial: xdata, ydata, classlab. These should be saved in *.txt format.


Complete documentation for each R/MART procedure is provided with associated help files, as described in the readme.txt file provided with the installation. Some familiarity with the above two papers is helpful when experimenting with some of the more advanced features and options.